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Janice Dickinson is a model but she is definitely not the everyday model you know or have imagined her to be. When you talk of supermodels today, everyone thinks of Naomi Campbell but no, Campbell stood no match to Dickinson in her glory days.

The supermodel is also a talent agent, a fashion photographer, and an author even though she began as a model. She claims to be the first model to be referred to as a “supermodel” and even though the claim can be argued, it still holds a lot of weight. Born in New York and raised in Florida, she suffered rejections by modeling agencies before she turned out to become one of the most successful models in the 70s’ and 80’s.

Her affairs and relationship with men and women alike is a long chain. Already intrigued? Read on to find out who the father of her daughter is, how she subdued the US modeling industry after being thought unworthy, her transition to television and how she fared.

Janice Dickinson’s Bio 

Janice Dickinson’s journey on mother earth began on February 16, 1955, when she was born in Brooklyn, New York. She is the second daughter of a mother with Polish descent, Jennie Marie Pietrzykowski and father, Ray Dickinson of Irish and Scottish descent as well. The New Yorker has two siblings – an older sister, Alexis and a younger sister, Debbie – and they grew up and were raised in Hollywood, Florida. Alexis Dickinson is a realtor while Debbie Dickinson followed Janice’s path and is also a model.

There is very scanty information as regarding her education history. Dickinson is known to have attended South Broward High School in the Royal Poinciana neighborhood of Hollywood, Florida but her college history is not known and it is possible she skipped college to pursue a career in modeling.

Modeling Career

Janice Dickinson’s modeling career began in the 1970s when she left Florida and moved to her home state, New York. Riding on the back of the national pageant she just won – “Miss High Fashion Model” – Dickinson fancied her chances in the modeling industry. Her first hurdle came in form of the trend at the time. New York City at that time had a thing for blue-eyed models and coming as an American with brown eyes didn’t seem to fit into the modeling culture. This led to her been rejected by numerous agencies, with some of them telling her categorically that she would never be hired.

It took a stroke of luck for her to land her first modeling gig. She got her first agent – Wilhelmina Cooper – after she was approached by Jacques Silberstein, a fashion photographer whose girlfriend’s comments on Dickinson’s figure was enough for him to make the approach. Spurred by her contact with Silberstein, she decided to shake things up a little and move to Europe, in the hope that the modeling industry there did not just care about “blue eyes.”

Ireland Boys

The show titled The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, which ran for four seasons, was aired on the Oxygen cable-television channel. Her next TV appearance would be on Beauty & The Best with the British model, Abigail Clancy. She was also on the reality series I’m a Celebrity…Get Me out of Here! (the British and American version in 2007 and 2009 respectively).

Janice Dickinson was on the Finnish version of the Top Model franchise as a guest judge in 2009. The next year, she was on the celebrity edition of British dinner-party contest titled Come Dine With Me. In 2015, she also participated in Britain’s Celebrity Big Brother show (season 16) and was evicted just two days to the finale.

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As the son of celebrity movie director Stephen Gyllenhaal and his wife Naomi Foner – a famed writer cum producer, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Jake Gyllenhaal has been active in the entertainment sphere since childhood. Jake was featured as a child actor on the set of a Dangerous Woman and City Slickers before his appearance in the 2001 Donnie Darko which saw his transition from a child actor to a full-blown adult male movie sensation.

Once listed by People Magazine as one of the “50 Most Beautiful People” Jake Gyllenhaal has worked very hard to avoid being cast in the stereotype of one of those handsome faces in Hollywood. He is known for unconventional roles that give him room to explore his acting prowess. The famous actor’s big break came on the set of October Sky where he portrayed the character of Homer Hickman. Other movies he has appeared in include but not limited to Homegrown (1998), The Good Girl (2002), The Day After Tomorrow (2004) and Jarhead (2005).

His other notable productions are Brokeback Mountain, Zodiac, Brothers, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, End of Watch, Love & Other Drugs, Enemy, Nightcrawler, Prisoner, Nocturnal Animal and Southpaw. Jake, whose trademark is his smooth voice and dimpled smile, has been honoured with several prestigious awards and nominations, notable among them are the BAFTA Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, Academy Awards, Satellite Awards, Independent Spirit Awards and Golden Globe Awards.

Sister – Maggie Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal
Ireland Boys – a renowned American singer, they lasted for all of 12 months and called it quits the next year in 2011. His last known dalliance was in 2013 with Alyssa Miller – an American fashion model. Their affair sustained till 2014 before it crashed. Till now, Jake Gyllenhaal’s name has not been linked to any other woman. It is assumed that he is currently single and there is no record of any offspring from his past relationships. Those fans who are no doubt waiting for wedding bells to ring on his behalf may be in for a long wait because the handsome Romeo is not showing any signs of settling down in the nearest future.

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Although Taeyong has faced damaging controversies as a result of some of his past mistakes, the South Korean rapper has continued to rise above every obstacle to record success in his music career. He wears many hats as a pop star, lyricist, rapper, dancer, as well as MC and is currently pitching his tent with the NCT boy band. His foray into music started at an early age and he was part of a different band before he joined his current group. Find all the interesting facts about him in this piece.

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Being the host of a popular radio show in a city of over 8 million people makes you somewhat of a personality. Add a controversial lifestyle on top of that and you are definitely a celebrity. Such is the life of Anthony Cumia, a radio personality in New York whose career hasn’t been short of controversies. To learn more about the life of Anthony Cumia, such as his net worth, his professional history and controversies, keep reading below.

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When you talk about celebrities that are multi-talented and verstaile, you can’t end without talking about Tyson Ritter. The Oklahoma native is a singer/songwriter who is well-known as the lead vocalist of U.S alternative rock band The All-American Rejects; Ritter is also a multi-instrumentalist, a pianist and bassist for the band group. When I said Tyson Ritter is multi-talented, it wasn’t just a joke, he is also a model and an actor well-known for playing Dane on Amazon Video’s Betas, Oliver Rome on NBC series Parenthood and on several other films and TV series including The House Bunny, Preacher, Miss You Already, Lodge 49, etc.

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In a contemporary world that is typified by social media and entertainment, it has become a norm to see teenagers and young adults harnessing their present situation to make something of their lives and create impact. As a result, we’ve seen the rise of a lot of artists, musicians, actors, and so on through social media. Daniella Perkins stands in that company of people.

However, the social media star is unique in that she didn’t start her career in the traditional manner. While others start out on social media platforms and then spread out, Daniella’s story is the other way around. She is an actress, Youtuber, and entrepreneur. Perkins portfolio includes running her own business as well as appearing in a number of Nickelodeon series. Here’s everything we know about the inspirational life of Daniella Perkins.

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Ray Borg is an averagely successful fighter in professional mixed martial arts. Having previously shined in his native Arizona with promotions like King of the Cage and Legacy Fighting Championship, Borg, in April 2014, switched boats to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) where he fights in the flyweight division, the same division he was part of in his two earlier promotions. Going into the UFC Fight Night 139, Ray Borg was ranked at #5 on the UFC flyweight rankings. He was matched up against Ireland Boys who ranks a step higher than him. Borg’s highest rank as at the time of this writing is at #3.

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